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Friends Spot is an online network marketing company that delivers marketing products and services across varied domains. Connecting with us will give you the business opportunity to sell the services and receive commissions. Friends Spot offers couple of business and marketing products and services, including Search Engine Optimisation, Search Media Optimisation, PPC Ad Networks, Cost per Mille, Network Opportunities, and training and several coaching packages for professionals, students, start-up, and home-based, small & medium businesses.

Truly said- The best way to improve your money situation is to earn more. is why we take care of your requirements and provide . That is why we take care of your requirements and provide fundamental research and analysis to assure you for your magical return. We will make you proficient in building your own business without dealing with the technical, marketing and overhead challenges.

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It’s not difficult. You simply have to choose your joining package, calculate your estimated return and enrol with us through your nearest partner. If there is no partner available then fill in the inquiry form and we'll get back to you.

We are here to tell you that your FUTURE doesn’t have anything to do with your past. Believe us, whatever circumstances we all have gone through – good or bad- today is the day to transform it into diamond instead. Do not think just sign up with us!

We provide best possible opportunity that will help you to meet your highly elevated goals. By joining our affiliate program, you not only gain lucrative returns but also you can earn commissions from the sales of our services & products.

A tip for your own growth- The best source to network and grow your downline is through your immediate family, relatives and friends. Refer to them passionately and get easily eligible for multi-level income benefits.

We are transparent! Login into the user panel and withdraw your money into your bank account using fund request option. Also you can track the status of your funds anytime.

The other way to cash your amount is through member to member, either via new joining or transferring funds to your junior for joining.

Our Matra is- Focus on helping people, and the business will follow. In order to grow with limited resources, particularly financial resources, you’ll want to look at your network and help them in order to help yourself. Referring your magical business plan to friends, family and relatives will help to scale business processes and which in return increase your income.

We extend our support by providing training from marketing experts and also offer an excellent opportunity in the form of leads list which you can use to call/sms/mail and track interested leads to grow your downline or your family member’s downline.

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Marketers, business owners, professionals, bloggers & start-ups pay from hundreds, to thousands of rupees every month for marketing services—you get it for free, and it’s loaded with all these features and more

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Package

  • Website optimisation with researched Keywords and Phrases
  • Multiple directory submission
  • Onsite SEO Edits
  • Informative Guest Articles
  • Multiple social bookmarking on blogs & articles
  • Monthly rankings report
  • Continuous research of Google analytics
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Social Media Optimisation (SMO) Package

  • Social Media Page Optimisation, includes company/ blog bio, cover photo, company logo, links to your website, blogs and other social media platforms
  • Setting up accounts on all major social channels that provide best result for your business
  • Optimizing existing social accounts to observe to best practices for online marketing
  • Social Media Ads & Sponsored Post to drive additional traffic to your pages
  • Boost your call to action
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PPC Ad Networks

  • Build new campaign(s) from scratch
  • Restructure existing campaign(s)
  • Manage campaign(s) for maximum returns
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Cost Per Mille

  • Exposure of your message to a specific audience
  • Increase Page Views
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Network Opportunities

Build your customer base through

  • Conferences and Events
  • MeetUp Groups
  • Business Contacts
  • Online Networking
  • Personal contacts and social events

Affiliates earn unheard of commissions off the sales of our marketing services. So if you're ready to get serious about meeting your business’s goals, contact with us now @ XXX

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